ConVault, Inc. warrants each CONVAULT® tank against defects in material or workmanship to the original owner from the date of purchase, for a period of twenty (20) years or thirty (30) years depending on model number of the tank. ConVault agrees to repair or replace any defective unit without charge provided that the tank is operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual except as set forth herein: FAILURE TO INSTALL IN ACCORDANCE WITH MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY. If the ConVault® tank is moved from its original installation, it must again be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and ConVault, Inc. must be notified of the move and the new location.

CONVAULT® tanks are designed for storage of products compatible with steel. CONVAULT® tanks are not designed for storage of corrosives or toxic materials. To continue this warranty in effect, the user has a duty to conduct visual inspections at least weekly to check for leaks and to maintain the CONVAULT® tank in accordance with the Owner’s Manual in effect on the date of shipment from the manufacturer. The primary tank must be inspected monthly for the presence of water and any water found must be removed. In the event leaks are determined, ConVault, Inc. must be contacted within two (2) working days at the following toll free number: 800-222-7099. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, or acts of God. This warranty is limited to the tank only and does not include paint, signs and decals, vents, pump, or any other accessories affixed to the tank. This warranty does not cover transportation cost of the replacement tank, the cost of labor or any other installation costs. Small cracks in concrete result from normal expansion and contraction and are not covered by warranty. Such cracks will not affect primary or secondary containment or fire retardation abilities of the tank. The limited warranties set forth herein are subject to the manufacturer receiving full payment for the products covered in this warranty.

THIS WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR OF THE CONVAULT® TANK AT THE OPTION OF CONVAULT, INC. AND EXCLUDES ANY OTHER OR FURTHER REMEDIAL MEASURES. NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY IS ASSUMED FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Under no circumstances, shall the liability of CONVAULT® under this warranty, exceed the original purchase price of the tank. There are no warranties, which extend beyond the face hereof.

You may obtain warranty service by contacting any dealer of ConVault, Inc.

For testing purposes, CONVAULT® primary tanks may be pressurized up to 3 psig only, provided, however, that after flammable or combustible liquids have been placed in the tank, the tank shall be pressurized using inert gases such as Nitrogen. If any additional testing is required, please contact ConVault, Inc. for instructions prior to testing.


Complete this form to register your ConVault warranty. This card should be completely and accurately filled out and returned to ConVault within 30 days after the tank is installed, or 90 days after the tank is shipped from the manufacturer.

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By submitting the form you understand that the ConVault's Limited Warranty is conditional upon installation, operation, and maintenance of the tank in accordance with the manufacture's instructions. The purchaser/owner acknowledges the manufacturer's requirements for site selection and foundation for the tank.