The charts on this page apply to one-product rectangular tanks manufactured by Convault Licensees in the US. Some sizes have multiple models. To determine the correct chart if you do not know which model you have, compare external dimensions listed at the top of the chart, or call 800-222-7099. Not all charts for all sizes are listed here. Also, do not assume that all size tanks listed here are still available for purchase in your area. Please contact your Local Distributor or call 800-222-7099 if you have any questions.

When using these charts please take into consideration that fuel volume will change approximately .5% for every 10 degrees F change in fuel temperature.

    !!! There are now TWO options for converting your measured inches to gallons:
  1. The individual charts below are in Adobe format and are designed for printing so they can be used at the tank.
  2. If you prefer to enter the fuel height into your computer and let it do the calculations, try downloading our Excel version.

Each tank size is a worksheet (see tab at the bottom of the workbook. Just delete the tabs you don't want, personalize the sheets you do want and store for future use. The workbook was designed using the 2003 version.

-DOWNLOAD- Excel Conversion Sheets